Powered by Gadfly, TUDS Festival of Urban Dance Culture is at its 8th edition and once more, we’re looking to provide opportunities for urban dance artists to showcase their talent and specially choreographer to have a stage to gain experience, insights, and real exposure as creatives (not just entertainers). We’re looking for HYPE & ORIGNAL professional theatre companies (or choreographers) for TUDS 8 to perform & deliver a theatrical choreographic work containing urban dance ingredients, techniques or panache.

Details of the Festival
Technical rehearsal and Show Date: October 29 2017

Fill out the form below to apply – Deadline
September 26, 2017


  1. Must adhere to the 3 Gadfly mottos:
    • Artistry: Work must have depth and originality (no ABDC or comp studio numbers)
    • Athleticism: Work must be hype (theme may be abstract but must be engaging)
    • Authenticity: Company must have EQUALITY imprinted in their DNA (Diversity in ethnicity, sexuality, religion)
  2. Length: Between 10- 15 minutes
  3. Must be completed works, excerpt of full-length works, or substantially completed (but insanely good) works; in short, no works in progress
  4. Maximum of 4-6 dancers – solo works will be considered if they are solid.
  5. Must have Urban Dance qualities incorporated (not copy pasted) – whether the dancers, movement qualities, choreography, music, or theme
  6. Music must be original or fully licensed (no TOP 40 megamixes)

*** Because we don’t get to present all the companies we’d like to on the mainstage, we also give you the opportunity to perform at the NQB8 Showcase on Friday, October 27, 2017. We pay for a venue, technicians, videographer, and hook you up with a good showcase night where your work gets seen as art (not a club stage), and an audience that is avid to ask questions and where you can get also get feedback. The NQB8 showcase is by invitation only but If interested in participating, let us know and you’ll have priority if not selected for the mainstage.











Fill the application form below or by visiting this link and send a $25 application/processing fee by email money transfer to tuds@gadfly.ca.  Deadline to apply is Tuesday September 26th 2017.


– Is this presentation paid: Mainstage yesNQB8 stage
– What is the NQB8 stage?: It’s a stage to incubate new choreographers and collectives. Due to limited funding we can’t pay for many companies but we can produce a second night, pay for a venue, technicians, videographer, and hook you up with a good showcase night where your work gets seen as art (not a club stage), you get audience feedback, link up with other urban creatives and have the option to get outside eye feedback/comments/mentorship (during rehearsal process or after the performance) by Gadfly’s artistic directors for free.
– Are transportation and accommodation covered: NO
– Does the piece have to be specific to one street dance style: NO (piece must have an urban dance flair but still be innovative)
* If for some reason the form does not work, please email all the information to tuds@gadfly.ca with subject “Company Submission”