Victoria Mackenzie aka VicVersa (Montreal)

Biography:  She is an emerging Canadian dancer/choreographer. Vic”Versatility”, classically-trained, found her way to b-girling after searching for more dynamic methods of moving. After completing formative contemporary training, Vic is constantly active and implicated in the Montreal and Toronto dance scenes as a professional performer/teacher/community programmer/event organizer.

Choreographer: Victoria Mackenzie
Title of the piece: TheStoryProject Samples Edition (excerpt from full show)
Dancer: Victoria Mackenzie
Music: Fate, Sung Prod.

Synopsis: The Story Project is a performance that sources the verbal stories of active members of the Toronto and Montreal street dance communities. “Stories” have been recorded and are used as both movement inspiration and music. The performance is a dedication to those who have inspired me.

Many thanks to the TUDS team for allowing me to be part of this event and share my dance. And many respects for providing the urban dance community with professional working conditions and supporting urban dance artists.

Victoria VicVersa Mackenzie

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