Is this an all ages event?

YES, everyone is welcome. In past years, everyone from mothers with their babies (wearing cute isolating headphones to protect them from loudness) as well as seniors came to the event. Some of the music may be uncensored but no inappropriate physical behaviour will be tolerated, to ensure TUDS remains a safe environment.

Will there be food and drinks on site?
Oh YEAH! Drinks and snacks will be available for purchase at the event. Plus there are several restaurants walking distance from both venues.

Is there parking available?
Yes. Please refer to the info section.

What methods of payment can I use on-site?
We accept cash, debit, or credit.

Can I purchase my tickets in advance?
Absolutely. You can purchase your tickets HERE.

Can I purchase my tickets at the door?
The capacity of both venues is very limited so tickets will be available at the door IF there are any left. We highly suggest getting them in advance to avoid disappointment.



When can I register to battle?
You can sign up today by visiting the registration page HERE. Limited time and spots are available for prelims so first come first serve.

Why is the battle spread over 3 days?
The first reason is because we’re building a format that allows the public to attend battles that last 1 to 1 1/2 hours, and then have the rest of the day to do what they like. Unlike regular battles that last 4 to 12 hours and everyone wants to shoot themselves by the end. The second reason is so that we can make the battlers eligible for the Dora Awards. If you compare it to the USA, they have the Oscars for movie awards, Tonys for theatre. Well… the Dora Awards  =  Canada’s version of the Tonys. Imagine if a street dance ever won a Dora for Dancer of the Year. HISTORY!

Why is the battle competition considered “Pro”?”
Because every battler that qualifies is getting paid. This is unlike amateur competitions where 100+ enter a competition, they pay to compete and only the winning team makes money.

What’s PROFESSIONAL battling?
Make it pass qualifiers and you get paid to battle. (What every serious battle organizer should do if they care about what we do).

How can a battle be CURATED?
Guest artists were carefully selected, invited and hired to compete and showcase their art.

Who are the Judges?
NoHighMightyOG Style. Participants are the judges.

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